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Sound and Healing

6 de Octubre del 2008


A call for resources for Radio Broadcast.

Sound and Healing is a triangulation between artists, practitioners and researchers focusing on healing and sound. How do artists create from a healthy place or access healing energy, ideas and sounds while creating their sonic art? What are the healing modalities currently being practiced around the globe where sound is a primary vehicle for positive change, health and wholeness? What research studies and resources of these uses of sound exist and what are the implications? How is sound changing the world… serving as a vehicle for healing, and an evolving humanity? These questions and more will be explored in a series of programs created for radio, distributed globally through the digital and analog means.

The Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts ( will be promoting theproduction of a series of 1 hour programs about this interesting and seldom addressed topic of sound and healing. Composer Paul Rudy will be gathering music, materials, views and experiences from artists, practitioners, and researchers, to create the series of shows that will be broadcast in Mexico and other countries and will be available online at

Materials ranging from audio tracks, personal anecdotes and experiences, citations, articles, names of artists/practitioners/researchers, papers, or anything else related to sound and healing are being solicited. Please email materials to (music be can be emailed as mp3’s or sent directly to Paul Rudy along with other materials such as review copies of books and articles). These programs are about conversations from all view points, so please do not hesitate to send anything even tangentially related to sound and healing. Submission will serve as consent for materials to be used for broadcast. All material used will be given due credit or citation.

Deadline: February 1, 2009

Address for CD’s and MaterialsPaul Rudy1317 E. 97th TerraceKansas City, MO 64131USA


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