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Residencia: Sarah Harris


Del 25 al 29 de julio de 2022

The artist will spend the week in Morelia field recording, and working at the CMMAS studios sound creating and designing, and refining materials for a larger collaborative project the following week at CMMAS for the field school Sonic Visions Academy: New Music and Media Arts.

SARAH HARRIS is a Montreal, QC based musician, sound engineer, and arts worker from St. John's, NL. With primary interests in community organizing, live performance, composition, and sound, Sarah is Lawnya Vawnya’s programming coordinator, plays in bands, and is currently a student in Concordia’s Electroacoustic studies program. Writing and performing musical styles ranging from folk to experimental/electronic, Sarah has

created the music for three Atlantic Canadian short films and performed on recent albums by Kelly McMichael, John, and Eastern Owl. Sarah is a member of the St. John’s band Property since 2016 and founded an amateur comics zine called I Don't Do Comics in early

2020 which publishes and encourages first time and emerging comic artists.


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