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Residencia: Patrick Saint Denis (Canadá)

1 de junio del 2014


During my stay at CMMAS, I will work on various technological aspects of a new performance/installation that brings together live audiovisuals and meteorological data.



Patrick Saint-Denis studied composition at the music conservatories in Québec, Montréal, and La Haye, mathematics at UQAM and at Université Laval, as well as computer science online. His works combine music, live audiovisual and robotics, computing being at the root of it all.

He conceives interactive installations designed primarily for concert settings. His audio-sensitive inventions take on various forms, ranging from video installation to large-scale robotized machinery. His performances integrate various musical formations which sonically drive the installations.

At the edges of the concert format and digital art, his works are also shown in exhibitions. Among other instances, his work was showcased on the occasion of the International Digital Arts Biennial (BIAN/Elektra, 2014), at the Musée national des beaux arts du Québec (2013) and through Accès culture Montréal (2013).

His music has been presented at festivals such as the International Gaudeamus Music Week (Netherlands, 2003, 2004), the Montréal Nouvelles Musiques Festival (Canada, 2005, 2009, 2015), the ISCM World Music Days (Croatia 2005, Slovakia 2013), the Mois Multi (Canada, 2008, 2014), the Cervantino Festival (Mexico, 2009) and at the ICMC (United Kingdom, 2011). His music has been performed by top ensembles such as the Trio Fibonacci, ECM+, the Continuum Ensemble and the Onyx Ensemble. His work was also awarded several recognitions, including the Jules Léger Prize for New Chamber Music in 2004.

He collaborates on a regular basis with choreographer Karine Ledoyen and is part of the artistic duo Rusty Paillette with singer Sarah Albu. He is currently pursuing doctoral studies in composition at the Université de Montréal.



Palabras clave: Instalaciones, Performance, Audiovisual, Composición, Meteorológicos.


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