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Residencia: Klaus Filip (Austria)

24 de febrero del 2014

Durante su residencia el compositor realizará las siguientes actividades en el marco de las "Jornadas de Música Experimental":

- Montaje de su instalación "Photophon" (del 25 al 28 de febrero)- Charla sobre su trabajo. (fecha por confirmar)- Presentación de un concierto. (27 de febrero)

klaus filip *1963

computer music, programming, compositionKlaus Filip is a performer/composer/programmer and is maybe the first viennese musician, who used the laptop on stage at around 1993.The main focus of his current work is sinewaves, whose subtle and adducent sounds are used in a wide dynamic range depending on the project; that could be a noisy set with Chulki Hong or playing at the odor detection threshold with Radu Malfatti.Klaus Filip runs a software project called ppooll (formerly known as lloopp) that is a networking collection of a variety of modules. This freeware is widely used by improvising musicians all over the world.teaching position at the university of applied arts, vienna.steady dispute with the computer as a musical instrument.jokebux (online collection of some music)concerts & workshops:


releases:~ "leftovers" sigis bruder (klaus filip & sigi ecker) trost 1994~ orchester 33 1/3, plag dich nicht 1996~ "maschine brennt" orchester 33 1/3 charhizma 1999~ "building excess" klaus filip / radu malfatti / mattin / dean roberts (grob records 651, cologne 2004 )~ "stand clear" los glissandinos (creative sources, lisboa 06/2005)~ "aluk" toshimaru nakamura & klaus filip (IMJ-526, japanimprov/tokyo 2006)~ "the organ of corti" taus: tim blechmann & klaus filip (l'innomable, ljubljana 2007)~ "imaoto" radu malfatti & klaus filip (earstwhile 2009)~ "slugabed" nikos veliotis & klaus filip (hibari music 2011)~ "pinna" tim blechmann & klaus filip (another timbre 2012)


colaborations with:

radu malfatti, kai fagaschinski, werner dafeldecker, dieb13, christof kurzmann, boris hauf, christian fennesz, jason kahn, john butcher, sabine marte, gilles aubry, noid, mattin, red white, cynthia schwertsik, cordula bösze, silvia fässler, taku unami, oblaat, taku sugimoto, toshimaru nakamura, tim blechmann, ivan palacky, burkhard stangl, eddie prevost, john tilbury, ko ichikawa, nikos veliotis, axel dörner, masahiko okura, susanna gartmayer, jean-luc guionnet, seijiro murayama, katharina klement, philipp leitner, thomas strehl, seymour wright, posset, agnes hvizdalek u.a.

current bands:

los glissandinos (duo with kai fagaschinski)

taus (duo with tim blechmann)

ease (duo with arnold haberl)duo with radu malfatti



ppooll (open source software project, since 1997)

reheat (annual multimedia festival 2007..2010)

kleylehof (atelier & homebase)


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