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Residencia: Joseph Sims & Katie Finn


Fechas de residencia: 20 de noviembre al 1 de diciembre del 2023

During the 3 week residency at CMMAS, we will begin the creation of an audiovisual series that will challenge typical sound-image relationships found in contemporary media. This series will merge hand-drawn animation (by Katie Finn) with acousmatic composition (by Joseph Sims). The series aims to subvert conventional synchronized sound-image relationships by exploring non-linear connections and expanding the audiovisual experience beyond cinematic norms. Both the visual and sonic palettes will reference the highly aestheticized styles present in commercial sound and motion design. This singular palette will be consistently applied throughout each sequence, serving as a unifying thread across the individual explorations.

Joseph [b. 1996] lives and works in Montreal QC. He studied Electroacoustic composition at Concordia University [2022]. Specializing in sound design for visual media & acousmatic composition, his compositional approach emphasizes the kinetic potential of sound organization. His work is internationally award winning and has been presented in Canada, Italy, Barcelona, And Argentina.

Katie is an emerging illustrator and animator born in London Ontario, and currently working in Montreal QC. Her approach incorporates a mixture of analog and digital techniques, exploring new mediums in order to service the experiential and narrative possibilities of animation. She studied film animation at Concordia University (2022), and has had her works shown at the OIAF, Rendez-Vous Quebec Cinema, and the Toronto Animated Image Society.


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