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Residencia Jessica Mardon

Reino Unido

29 de enero al 22 de marzo de 2024

An international collaboration with artist Gerardo Salas. Exploring hidden dimensions through harmonic and prismatic relationships, it is our intention to develop a space suffused with sound and light, that through motion becomes alive. Experiment with and develop towards a new composition for the installation.

Jessica Mardon is a multidisciplinary artist working across sound and audiovisual performances and installations. She graduated from the Royal College of Art, in 2022, where she was awarded the WES Lunn Design Education Trust 4D Project Award and sponsorship of her degree show. At the Royal College, Mardon developed a practice focused upon an enquiry into sound as a sculptural medium. In attempting to sculpt with the immaterial, she examines subtle bodies, working at the boundary of dissolution and desire. Perceptions that are so fine spun, they might seem fantastical or imaginary, yet which carry rich and potent signals. In some form of supra-physical erotics, decomposing the body into drives and forces, she seeks the tender spot, the inflection point in the curvature of the tone. Mardon lives and works in London, UK and has exhibited in the UK and internationally, including most recently completing a residency with Northern Sustainable Futures in Sweden, where she created an installation for iM Konsthall 2023.

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