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Residencia: Berk Yagli


Del 20 de marzo al 05 de abril de 2023

This residency will focus on hybridizing heavy metal and electroacoustic music, specifically on rhythm, timbre, fusion vector, and their intersections. Hybrid music compositions and hybrid ideas in music can allow composers to fuse different traditions to create something new and exciting. Berk's works explore using/forming different hybrids to engage and build (or intentionally break) relationships between metal music with electroacoustic music. His works challenge the notions of high-art and low-art and criticize the oppressive uniformity that surrounds genres (even in avant-garde). In his recent pieces, he forms abstract passages by finding seamless ways of getting in and out of metal and electroacoustic forms and dissolving the genres into one 'alien' format fueled by aggressiveness, power, and darkness. Even though his current works explore the methods to hybridize electroacoustic and metal, his ultimate goal is to find ways that these methods could be also applied to other genres.

Berk Yagli (born 1999) is a Cypriot guitarist, composer, and producer. His mission with his music has been to talk about social, political, and philosophical matters interestingly to invite the listeners into reflecting on the topics. He has been active in the UK for the past six years due to his education in Music and Sound Technology (University of Portsmouth), Masters in Composition (University of Sheffield), and currently at the University of the Arts London working under Adam Stanovic for his Ph.D. topic hybridity between metal and electroacoustic music. During his master's, his main focus has been electroacoustic music composition, and currently, he is studying and working on the potential hybridity of electroacoustic music with metal music. He also composed, produced, and released a cinematic/epic social commentary progressive metal album ‘Symphony of Humanity’ in 2021.

His works have been presented in the UK, USA, and internationally including Espacios Sonoros (Salta, Argentina), New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (New York, US), International Computer Music Conference (Limerick, Ireland), Seoul International Computer Music Festival (Seoul, South Korea), Sound Junction (Sheffield, UK), Convergence-De Montfort (Leicester, UK), BFE/RMA Research Student’s Conference (Plymouth, UK), Research on Contemporary Composition Conference 2022 (Georgia, US), Sonic Matter Festival 2022 (Zurich, Switzerland), International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music (Krakow, Poland), WOCMAT Conference 2022 (Taipei, Taiwan), SEAMUS (New York City, US), MOXSonic Festival (Missouri, US), Earth Day Art Model Festival (Indianapolis, US) and more. He is regularly invited to compose his music in studios throughout the world including VICC-Visby International Centre for Composers (Visby, Sweden), CMMAS- Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras (Morelia, Mexico), and Studio Kura (Fukuoka, Japan). He also recently won the 2022 18th WOCMAT Phil Winsor International Youth Computer Music Competition Award.

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