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Masterclass Wojtek Pilichowsky (Polonia)

27 de mayo del 2015


Hora:  10h - 14h

Lugar: Auditorio del CMMAS


El bajista Wojtek Pilichowski estará en el CMMAS dando una masterclass de bajo eléctrico. Entrada libre. Cupo limitado a 30 personas.


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Wojtek Pilichowski – bass player, composer, arranger

I work as a musician since 1992, when Jan Borysewicz discovered me. He was looking for a bassist for Jan Bo project and I was probably the 23rd in the row on the casting. Happily, I was given this chance, that was also a ticket to the professional world where every musician wants to be. We began rehearsing, recording, I met many legendary people such as Wojciech Morawski, who helped me a lot in learning how to create and develop solos. And of course Jan Borysewicz, who even today is a special person, my mentor. He was the first to give me hand. The rest was history, but today I know, how much responsibility he took on his back, how much extra work and time it costs to involve young musicians into the project. But the results are sometimes stunning – I see it every day!

Wojtek Pilichowski has recorded his first solo album in 1994. So far he released 8 solo projects plus 4 live concerts, three of which were also published on DVD. Total circulation of his work exceeded 100 thousand copies. He is also a well know bass teacher, and published 4 educational videos.

My first solo project, titled with my name “Wojtek Pilichowski” came out by end of 1994. Soon after there was Woobie Doobie album, where I played with Wojtek Olszak, Michał Grymuza, Michał Dąbrówka and Mariusz “Fazi” Mielczarek. And – all of the sudden – the prize for The Best Bassist. Thinking of it today, it was the most important recognition ever. By then I didn’t even realize it.

As a sideman Wojtek recorded over 200 albums, most of them with the biggest names in the industry. Together he is present on many millions of CD, and took part in a few thousand gigs.

I worked with many performers at the same time, for example when recording “Dotyk” (The Touch) with Edyta Górniak, we made an album “Czekając na...” (Waiting for...) with Kasia Kowalska, and the huge hit “Coś Optymistycznego” (Something Optimistic). My first concert album, Jazzga Live, I recorded with Woobie Doobie. It was quite a challenge, mostly from technical point of view. A tiny club in Łódź, Poland, lots of cables everywhere – no one knew if it’s going to work, but we’ve made it! From that moment I started thinking that sooner or later I am going to give up side playing and pursue my own projects. Soon I created a new team, with Wojtek Olszak, and a few new names: Radek Owczarz, Bartek Papierz and Kamil Barański. In the meantime I produced a completely different album, “No Bass No Fun”, with 16 young and unknown bass players from Poland. Today six of them are professional musicians with high profile bands. I am proud to have helped them – by the way, it is a shame not to help.

Wojtek is also a renowned teacher and lecturer for bass guitar playing, holding the title of Art Director of Musical Fold Workshops in Poland. He teaches abroad a lot as well, conducting workshops at various festivals such as Bass Player Live in New York or Euro Bass Days in Verona.

He was three times nominated to the main award of Polish Phonographic Academy. Seven times he was named The Best Polish Bass Player by the votes of “Guitar and Bass” magazine. Four times he received Play Box award from the Association of Polish Radio Stations.

Nowadays he plays in the following bands: Pilichowski Band, Borysewicz – Kukiz, Jan Bo, Woobie-Doobie.

Music is freedom. A cliche, I know, but for me it is literal. After so many years I can openly say, that a musician gets to know himself only when he is left alone with his tune. So I play with just one goal in my head – to keep looking. I have a new album coming. It won’t involve jazz, not because it’s easy. Contrary, it is actually very hard to step off the beaten path – both in music and in life. You have to keep looking, so I do, too.



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