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Concierto: 23rd Jeu De Temps / Times Play, in collaboration with CMMAS [Canadá / Latinoamérica]

Canadá / Latinoamérica

23 de junio de 2023


Jérémie Martineau - Distractions, Horizons (2022 / 5:34)


Distractions, Horizons is an audiovisual performance characterizing the dynamics of concentration experienced during meditative practice. It invites us to oscillate between global attention and focal attention, in addition to portraying the difficult exercise that is mindfulness.

Elliot Yair Hernández López - Ritual (2021 / 5:25)

Ritual is a sonic exploration that combines day-to-day sounds digitally transformed; It narrates the story of a being trapped in an eternal dream that repeats itself infinitely, each repetition is a stage of dreaming deeper and deeper.

Close your eyes, inhale and exhale, repeat three times.

—What am I listening to?

Move, feel the sound.

—What is happening?

A dream, a dream that becomes real.

—Do you hear the voices?

I feel like I’m trapped, it’s so unreal this feeling.

—What do you feel?

Anguish, as if everything is closing around me.

—Do you hear the bells?

No, I don’t hear anything, I only feel this body holding me, in an eternal illusion.

—Listen closely to the mantra...

Diego Bermudez Chamberland - Maniac (2021 / 13:17)

Manic is an atmospheric composition for the Babel Table which proposes a machine-like sound world. The transformations of the instrumental timbre and its deployment are tainted by the fluidity and unpredictability of nature. During the creative process, I was interested in this machine / nature duality, which reminded me of hydroelectric dams. I imagined, through an exploration of sound, how the presence of these gigantic human constructions powered by water might manifest itself. I would like to thank Jean-François Laporte and Productions Totem Contemporain for their assistance in the realization of this work as well as for their performance and recording of the composition.

Matías Sánchez Greco - alquimia, magia, sueños (2020 / 10:05)

This work was composed from the study of different objects, their sound projection and the possibilities of transformation. It intends to be an approach and a tribute to Pierre Schaeffer. A poetic search on the dialogues between materials. Thus, one goes from a dream to an ethereal field or to more iterated articulations. The concrete, the acousmatic, the immaterial as a poetic encounter.

Joseph Sims and Katie Finn - e (mi) (2022 / 7:11)


e (mi) is an audiovisual composition created by Joseph Sims (sound) and Katie Finn (animation). The piece explores contemporary and traditional æsthetics for visual music, displaying a wide variety of gestural and textural sound-image relationships. The sonic palette finds unity in a variety of materials (field recording, digital and analogue synthesis, concrete recording, etc.). Similarly, the image uses a range of techniques such as hand-drawn animation, coding and 2.5D animation. The focus was to create even hierarchical status in both the sound and image. This was achieved by each artist influencing both mediums at every stage of the creation. The macro and mezzo structures were determined by a visual score, while gestural energy and textures were realized through the sonic material


Jérémie Martineau

JTTP 2022 Third Prize winner (Canada).

Jérémie Martineau is an audio-visual artist, multi-instrumentalist and educator based in Montréal. His multidisciplinary work combines electronics, acoustic, video and spatialization to create an immersive world in which the public can be transported to. With a bachelor’s degree from the Université de Montréal in mixed composition under Pierre Michaud, Jérémie is currently finishing his master’s degree in the same institution under the co-direction of Jimmie LeBlanc and Myriam Boucher.

Elliot Yair Hernández López

JTTP 2022 First Prize winner (Latin America).

Mexican composer Elliot Yair Hernández López  experiments with different objects and disciplines to create immersive, reflective and abstract pieces with the aim of creating sensations and emotions for the viewer using audiovisual elements. Among his interests are multi-channel electroacoustic composition, videomapping, data visualization and sonification, programming, electronic art and sound spatialization. Hernández López studied sound art with Manuel Rocha Iturbide, multi-channel electroacoustic composition with Edmar Soria and electronic art with Hugo Solis, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Tecnología Musical at UNAM (Mexico City). His audiovisual and electroacoustic works have been presented in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland and Austria. He was a winner in the international competition Young Lion*ess of Acousmatic Music (Vienna) and First Prize winner (Latin America) in JTTP 2022 (CEC, Canada), and received a special mention in the 2021 Ars Electronica Forum Wallis for Ritual.

Diego Bermudez Chamberland

JTTP 2022 Second Prize winner (Canada) and recipient of the JTTP 2022 Martin Gotfrit and Martin Bartlett Award for live electroacoustic practices.

Diego Bermudez Chamberland is a Québec-based sound artist who works in several areas related to creation such as composition, sound design, installation and live performance. His practice is inspired by his human and musical experiences. Collaboration is an essential aspect of his artistic practice; he sees it as a way to transcend his reflexes and thus bring his creations to new horizons. He is also interested in the evocative power of sound and its ability to transport us into another state of mind. He devotes most of his time to exploring his discipline through multiple projects. Diego is currently completing a master’s degree in electroacoustic composition at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal.

Matías Sánchez Freco

JTTP 2022 Second Prize winner (Latin America).

Trumpeter and composer Matías Sánchez Greco studied with Jorge Sad Levi (composition), Daniel Crespo (trumpet, Buenos Aires Filarmonic Orchestra) and Andrea Escobar (chamber music) at the Alberto Ginastera Conservatory in Buenos Aires. He was invited to participate in the 2019 Monaco Électroacoustique biennial, directed by French-Argentinian composer Mario Mary at the Académie Rainier III in Monaco. He has also taken part in masterclasses and conferences by such prestigious composers as Ricardo Mandolini, Daniel Teruggi, Mario Mary and Maria Cristina Kassem, as well as renowned ensembles and musicians like Sigma Project ensemble and Gagik Gasparian. His 2020 work alquimia, magia, sueños was premiered in the 2021 Transversal Sonora festival in Manizales (Colombia), and he recently completed two mixed works, desde tu corazón, un rayo rojo (trumpet and tape) and Los pájaros siguen su canto (flute, piano and tape).

Joseph Sims and Katie Finn

JTTP 2022 First Prize winners (Canada) and recipients of the JTTP 2022 Jean Piché Award for videomusic, new media and creative coding.

Joseph Sims is a composer and musician born in London (Ontario) and is currently based in Montréal. His work acts as an amalgamation of sonic styles, frequently exploring the relationships between concrete and electronic sources. With roots in folk music, his compositional approach remains grounded in intuition and narrative — and continually explores new sonic pallets as a means of expression. Multi-channel, fixed-medium composition is his primary focus, but a love for visual media is expressed through frequent collaboration with animators and film makers. He is currently finishing his bachelor’s in Electroacoustic Studies at Concordia University and received the Marguerita Award in Electroacoustic Studies in 2020.

Katie Finn is an emerging illustrator and animator born in London (Ontario) and currently living and working in Montréal. Her work incorporates a mixture of analogue and digital techniques, exploring new mediums in order to service the experiential and narrative possibilities of animation. Katie will continue to animate forever.


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