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Workshop Plan - Robbie Thomson

28 de septiembre del 2017

This workshop will investigate integrating physical DIY electronic  input and output devices as interfaces for  music making and instrument building. The key technologies used will be Ableton Live and Arduino.

Workshop content.

The workshop begins with a demonstration of how various sensors and switches can be attached to Ableton via an Arduino to create a playable interface. The core idea is to convert digital and analog signals into usable MIDI data.

The process is then broken down into sections covering

•    circuitry / electroinics

•    basic introduction into Arduino programing

•    overview of Ableton / MaxforLive

Students will then create their own interfaces in smaller groups by applying the principals of switches / sensors into physical objects in the room, this could be something as simple as a book opening and closing, a lamp above a light sensor, or a bend sensor in a glove.

Samples will be made for the voices of these instruments and played together by the group who are divided into percussion, bass, lead and FX sections.

If there is time, we will look at how LED lighting and motors can be added as an output of MIDI data and how MIDI data from the instrument can be used to control visuals.

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