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Residencia: André Damião (Brasil) - Sound Variations on the Psychogeography of Morelia

Del 01 de abril del 2014 al 23 de marzo del 2014


El artista sonoro André Damião llevará a cabo un residencia para desarrollar piezas electroacústicas de paisaje sonoro in-situ,  a través de aplicaciones para Android. Este proyecto es parte de su investigación de maestría con el Research Centre on Sonology (NuSom) de la Universidad de Sao Paulo.


The objective of this project is to develop site-specific electroacoustic pieces in the city of Morelia, through applications made for android.The development of this work will involve: searching for spaces that have acoustic and sociological interest for field recordings,GPS data mapping, field recordings, processing and editing sounds in studio and developing patches in Pure Data (libPD).This project is part of my master's research, wich is connected to the Research Centre on Sonology(NuSom) of the University of São Paulo,in which I write about pieces of mobile music and the possibility of new interactions between the spectator, sound and space.


André Damião (1987)

is a brazilian multimedia composer, working with audio-visual electronic and chamber music, installations and computer programming. He studied composition in Amsterdam and finished his studies on electroacoustic music at the Universtiy of the State São Paulo, as a composer in residence at the Studio PANaroma. Currently he develops mobile technologies for performances and installations in the Master’s program in Sonology at the University of São Paulo.



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