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Morelia is the city that illustrates the meaning of noble style state wide. Its buildings are monumental echoes to the viceroy era. They are preserved in all their majesty and remain deeply embedded in the mind of those who visit them.

The perfectly designed sketch of the streets leads, almost always, to a magnificent colonial building. Through its prestigious University, Morelia is a consequence to its tradition. It is a cutting edge of thought. It grows and evolves with the needs of the present.
Shadowed by the eternal city of Morelia, modern neighbourhoods, fancy hotels, golf courses and shopping centres are rising, always outlining the city in a point in time wit no loss of its essence.

Whoever visits Morelia can be certain to enjoy a peaceful and pleasant stay surrounded by a peaceful environment that invites to rest and to be adventurous. The cordiality of its people, the hospitality and service given by the service providers will make the visit very enjoyable

Fotos: Turismo Municipal Morelia
  • Palacio Federal

  • Día de muertos

  • Plaza de Armas

  • Jardín Villalongín

  • Acueducto

  • Convento San Agustín


Michoacán treasures a large variety of folklore, musical and dancing tradition. This is evident in its pagan-religious festivities. The cultural tradition, resulting from the merging of the indigenous and Spanish heritage originated our Michoacán identity. A sample of this is the celebrating of the Noche de Muertos (Night of the Dead), the Holy Week and countless religious festivities in the state.

Traditions where our customs and values meet and meet again that gives a unique character to the community.

The indigenous dance represents a tight cultural tie.


The variety in regional cooking is limitless. The purh épecha, always connected to the land know how to make the best of grains and fruit to expertly create a rainbow of authentic delicacies blended with spices and meat inherited from European cooking.

Among the thousand and one flavors in the regional food, the white fish has no challenger and is considered a true delicacy.

Among other traditional dishes that have gone beyond our frontiers we can name the Tarasca soup, the famous corundas and uchepos (tamale), the piazza chicken, the fritters, chongos zamoranos (junkets with honey), the ates morelianos (sweet fruit paste) the atole (hot maize drink), carnitas (slow cooked pork meat); churere, churipo, minguinche, pozole (hominy soup), totopos (tortilla chips), chocolate de metate (cocoa beans ground on a flat stone) the charanda (hard liquor made of sugar cane, aguardiente de caña (eau-de-vie made of sugar cane) a tasty aperitif, specially good when aged.

Obviously in Morelia there is every kind of dishes but the most prestigious are the San Agustin chicken and enchiladas, the carnitas Del Carmen, huchepos, corundas and grilled steak. All of these are served in plenty of dining halls.

The traditional dishes in the region are: morisqueta (white rice with refried beans and cooked salsa with cheese or meat) and aporreadillo (beef jerky cooked in red sauce).
There is also a kind of tender maize tamale called uchepos and other kind of small tamale with a little salsa and meat wrapped in maize leaves called corundas.

Other delicious dishes that can be tasted in Morelia are: pozole; michi broth, cabbage with nut sauce, ranch tortilla, caldo de charal estilo Pátzcuaro (small lake fish broth, Pátzcuaro style), charales secos (dried small white lake fish) chapatas, enchiladas Morelia style, Pátzcuaro white fish, chupiro, beef tenderloin in pumpkin seed salsa, turkey mole, huitzimangan soup, purhépecha soup.

In Morelia you can also sample traditional desserts such as chongos zamoranos (junket with honey), ates zamoranos (quince paste), capirotada (fried bread with nuts and raisins), banana cake, helado de pasta (ice-cream made of fried milk).

The traditional drinks in Morelia are: charanda (hard liquor made of sugar cane), rompope (eggnog), mezcal (agave liquor), atole blanco (hot maize drink), licor de membrillo (quince liquor) and guacamaya.

Foto: Turismo Municipal Morelia


Airlines flying to Morelia:

Mexicana :
American Airlines:
Aeropuerto de Morelia / Morelia’s airport:

From Morelia airport land transportation is catered by two companies. They have a 77 car fleet consisting of automobiles and Eurovan station wagons.
It is safe to board a taxi from the taxi company in the bus terminal in Morelia. Tickets for these taxis may be purchased inside the terminal.