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Call for Texts for Sonic Ideas/Ideas S├│nicas
1 November 2010

Call for Texts for Sonic Ideas/Ideas Sónicas
From 1 November 2010 to 1 April 2011

 A publication of Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts (CMMAS)
Deadline for Submitting Texts: 1 April 2011

Dead line extension to 1 may 2011

Tentative Publication Date: Spring 2012
Guest Editor Alejandro Escuer, PhD (UNAM)

The Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts (CMMAS) has great pleasure in announcing the new call for materials for its new issue of Sonic Ideas/Ideas Sónicas publication. This publication both printed and on-line is devoted to Electro-Acoustic Music and Sonic Arts. The main objective is to encourage, develop, and promote information about activities in the area, as well as stimulating interaction between English and Spanish speaking composers, performers, researchers and audience.

It is open to every aesthetic point of view; within or outside the academic area.  It is aimed to draw attention into disseminating new and challenging perspectives. Serious research and discussion on these subjects will be promoted to approach technology and explore its influence in music and sonic arts.

The new issue of Sonic Ideas/Ideas Sónicas will gather items related to the future of music seen from a perspective pertaining to the philosophy of science, sociology, ethnomusicology, the new technologies and their relationship with the social context. We aim to offer for the remaining of the XXI Century, a multi-disciplinary outlook about the social role in music and art.



  • Every author, residing in Mexico or abroad no matter their nationality can participate.
  • Authorship of the text must be stated under oath and the authors should have the rights for reproducing the secondary materials used in the work and should prove said property when applies.
  • The authors whose contributions are published, grant to CMMAS, adhering to the Laws established in Mexico, the non-exclusive right to divulge their work through any media.
  • Texts will be accepted in both English and Spanish. Will be published in the original language. However, the possibility of publishing in both languages will not be excluded if needed. Said texts must include a brief biography (100 words maximum), contact information – name(s) surname(s), nationality, current address, phone number(s), e-mail address, Web-page and affiliation if applies-.
  • Texts will be received until 1 April 2011, at or at CMMAS facilities. In this instance support should be delivered in a compact disc. The guest editor will pass judgment on the works and the decision about the possible publication will not be open to appeal and are not susceptible to any complaint. The authors of selected texts will be contacted by the guest editor. Non-selected texts might be considered - on previous notice to the authors-, for publishing in further issues. If the editor selects a text under the condition of integrating changes to the text, the author will have a deadline to implement said changes.


Instructions for Authors:

  • The text should meet the following characteristics:

. Word(x) Format without minimum or maximum limit in length.
. Page A4 with 2.5 cm. (0.98”) margins on each side. Page number centered in the bottom of the page.
. Text. Time New Roman, line spacing 1.5.
. Title. Bold 14 points. Centered.
. Subtitles. Bold 12 points. Centered
. Contents. 12 points, with no indentation. Justified text.
. Titles of works, musical notes and foreign words. 12 points. Justified text, italics.
. Footnotes. 10 points. Justified text. Numbered in superscript (Example: 1) and simple interlineal.
. Graphics and/or figures. Should be sent in a separate folder, numbered (Fig.1, 2, etc.), gray scale, 300dpi resolution.
. Texts for graphics and/or figures. 10 points. Centered.

  • In case a text includes an audio example, it will only be published in the on-line version.


For more information about the text format download this PDF


Note: Requisites regarding de delivery format might be modified according to criteria from the editor in charge.

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