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Residency: Tim Poulin (United States)
29 June 2009

Tim Poulin completed his BA (composition) at the University of California Santa Barbara's College of Creative Studies with Jeremy Haladyna and Curtis Roads.  He is Currently completing a MM with Joseph Waters at San Diego State University (Fall 2009).
Tim's works include music for short films, sound collages, live interactive pieces (acoustic and electronic), algorithmic and generative pieces, and cognitive musical studies. His multimedia works have received numerous performances throughout the United States (USA).  Tim is a Sally Casanova pre-doctoral scholar and has been funded to study at the CMMAS institute in Morelia Mexico this summer under Dr. Rodrigo Sigal. Tim teaches several technology classes at SDSU and plans to pursue a career in technology-based music education after completing his doctorate in music composition.

Morelia Project
My artistic vision for the CMMAS internship is to create generative sound environments that are correlated to interactive elements in visual environments.
I will use Max/MSP/Jitter to create the sound environments, and Actionscripted Flash visuals for the interactive visual environments.  My goal is to create musical elements (e.g. rhythm, pitch, timbral, or spatial) in Max that cause the creation of visual objects in Flash, which can then be manipulated by a user’s HCI (human computer interaction) device.  The user can learn the properties of visual and sound objects by experimenting with them, and ultimately use the environments as instruments.

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