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Dr. Rodrigo Sigal

Academic Activities:

• He is part of the professorial team developing content design for a new bachelor's degree for the National School of Higher Education of the UNAM campus Morelia.

• Member of the National System of Art Creators 2012-2014.

• He directs the doctoral studies of the Maestro Alfredo Brito (University of Guanajuato) and Carlos Octavio Guti√©rrez (ENM-UNAM).

• He is member of the tutorial committee of the Doctorate followed by the teachers Alejandro Cardona and Luis Jaime Cortes (National School of Music of the UNAM).

Other activities:

• He teaches postgraduate seminars in collaboration with the Universidad Michoacana and the University of Guanajuato.

• Composition of a work for percussion and electronics and a work for ensemble and electronics released in 2014.

• Presentations and academic programs as part of his project Lum√≠nico of excellence and electroacoustic experimentation.

• Participation as grant holder at the DeVos Institute of the Kennedy Center in Washington DC for the 2013-2015 Cultural Management program.

Lic. Francisco Colasanto

• Composition of a piece for violin and electronics commissioned by the program Iberm√ļsicas 2013

• Publication of the next chapters of the e-book: Max/MSP: a programming guide for artists.

• Recording and production of the record with Dr. Zoppa.

• Composition of new material for Dr. Zoppa.

• Live presentations with Dr. Zoppa.

Jorge Alba

• Sonic intervention with project Soledades at the Spanish Cultural Center in Mexico City. March 2014.

• Management for multi-channel concert in Aguascalientes.

• Composition of work for Lum√≠nico.

Mtro. Joao Gonz√°lez

• Development and presentation of the project "Ojos de Capul√≠n". Dates: February 7 (CMMAS), February 22 and March 1 (Foro la Bodega, Morelia) and March 15 (CRAM, Zamora). Several presentations during the year.

• Creation and presentation of the project "La rotaci√≥n del silencio", in collaboration with the Morelia planetarium. (March-November 2014).

• Recording in collaboration with Nagoya Japan University, with Japanese and Mexican electroacoustic music. July - August 2014.

José Luis García Nava

Artistic Activities:

• Exhibition of the project Nimbo: una nube de precipitaciones creativas, beneficiary of the Support Program for Arts and Media Production 2012 of the National Center for the Arts, held at the CENART facilities in Mexico City.

• National and international concerts and tours with the interdisciplinary scenic project. Lum√≠nico.

• Continuation of the development of the metainstrument Farbenmusik: music made of colors (SNCA 2010) and composition of visual music work to increase the repertoire of the metainstrument.

• Production of the stage show Tape with the project Trauma, Interdisciplina Esc√©nica, as well as several presentations.

Academic Activities:

• Publication of the article M√ļsica Visual y transdisciplina (Visual music and transdiscipline), in the magazine Sonic Ideas/Ideas S√≥nicas, as part of the edition dedicated to the theme of visual music.

• Workshop on Creative Programming with Processing within the framework of the CMMAS Summer Course.

Other activities:

• Design, production and development of the CMMAS information system, integrated by the following modules: Relational database, CRM, visualization of information and wiki for collaborative writing of internal projects.