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Video: Conferencia Paul Rudy
Rudy Paul

Fecha: 2013-10-25
Categoria: Conferencia/Conference
Evento: Visiones Sonoras 2013

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Video: Conferencia Paul Rudy


Paul Rudy: Composing as sacred practice


Paul Rudy is an internationally awarded composer, professor, performer, and facilitator whose work spans from free improvisation and instrumental, orchestral and film composition, to alchemy and healing through sound. His 2012 Stories (7 CD series with two final discs in progress) integrate the sounds of Mother Earth, with shamanic practices, and sound channeling through mind, body and spirit. He is a Rome Prize (2010), Guggenheim (2008), Fulbright (1997) and Wurlitzer Foundation (2007 and 2009) Fellow. He is a Curators’ Professor at the University of Missouri at Kansas City Conservatory.


“In 2007 I began an odyssey through sound that has taken me well beyond the practice of mere composing. Throughout the composition of 8 CD’s in a series called “2012 Stories” (with a final 9th also in progress), this journey has moved towards a deeply immersive practice of sound creation. A growing body of research shows the profound impact vibration (sound) has on physiology. My own experience has affirmed that sound has a palpable and sometimes measureable interaction with, and effect on, my body. This research has led me on a never-ending exploration of music for a higher purpose.” Paul Rudy.


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